Everyone has individual needs when it comes to glasses lenses, so at OPSM we’ll ask about your lifestyle, test your eyes thoroughly, discuss your options, and help you find the very best solution for your prescription lenses. You can read about the different types of lenses we offer here.


Single Vision lenses are set for one viewing distance only, which may be near, intermediate or distance.

Progressive lenses have three main zones for distance, intermediate and reading so users can enjoy the convenience of not having to take their glasses on and off.

Bifocal lenses are sectioned into two distinct parts which are generally distance and near with no transition or correction in between.

Active lenses are much thinner and lighter than ordinary plastic lenses, have ten times more impact resistance, and screen out 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Hi-Index lenses are ideal for strong prescriptions but without the bulk of thick glasses, feature an anti-reflective coating, and provide 99.9% UV protection.

Plastic lenses are our standard lenses that can be given an anti-reflective coating that improves protection from the sun’s harmful rays.


Invisibles Ultra is a special lens coating that resists dirt, water and smudges, reduces reflection by up to 80%, and repels water droplets for all-round better vision.

Invisibles UV is an innovative new anti-reflective coating that has all the benefits of Invisibles Ultra and reduces UV rays passing through the surfaces of the lens and also reflecting off the back surfaces into your eyes.

Tints are available in a variety of colours to match your personal style or to enhance sight for specific activities, with lenses fully tinted, graduated or given a mirror coating.

Polished edges make your lenses appear clearer, thinner and less visible.

Mirror lenses reflect light, help reduce visible glare, and are a fashion favourite too.

Digitally surfaced lenses provide the wearer with better viewing at every point on their lens surface due to the highly innovative point to point technique used in their crafting.


Transition® lenses are an excellent choice for everyday wear, designed to be worn inside and out, all day, every day in place of ordinary clear lenses. Transitions lenses continuously filter and adjust in response to varying light conditions and therefore optimise the amount of light your eyes receive from clear to dark and every shade in between, reducing glare, eye fatigue and strain. They also block 100% of UV rays.

Enhance lenses are ideal for users of technology such as computers, tablets and smart phones, who need both near focus (for screen work) and intermediate focus (for distances of one to three metres).

Anti-fatigue lenses are technically advanced single vision lenses that can relieve visual fatigue symptoms such as eyes that sting and feel tight, headaches, eyestrain and blurred vision.


Transitions® DriveWear® adaptive polarised sun lenses  use a combination of polarisation and Transitions lens technology to continuously adjust from dark to darker outdoors, and behind the windscreen of any vehicle, by reacting to both visible and UV light. Ideal for driving, golf, angling and other sports, they are engineered to provide the wearer crystal clear vision and unparalleled high definition contrast in all lighting conditions; and are available with most single vision and progressive prescriptions.

Polarised lenses are the only type that specifically reduce glare from surfaces such as water, snow and roads, as well as blocking UV rays. Currently available in grey, brown and green colours, polarised lenses are especially good for sports like sailing, boating, fishing and skiing and they transform the ability to see what’s under water on a bright day.

85% of our sunglasses can have prescription lenses fitted too, so you can enjoy the best possible clarity while wearing the latest look.