Great Eye
Care Starts
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Kahla using Optos with client.

At OPSM we pride ourselves on delivering excellent eye care, service and advice. We use advanced optical technology, leading brands and lenses and dedicated Optometrists and Frame & Lens Experts.

Every OPSM team member is different and each brings their own personality and unique skill set to their role. To learn more about our team and the things they’re passionate about at OPSM, click one of the links below.

Meet Our
Eye Care Team

Great Eye Care
Starts with Tim

Let’s Talk Eye Exams

I’m Tim, Optometrist and Eye Care Manager for OPSM in NSW and ACT. I began my career by working as an Orthoptist, mainly working with Eye Doctors. After a number of years performing that role I decided to go back to University to become an Optometrist and have been working as one for the past six years. I’m passionate about Optometry, especially the impact eye exams can have.

“I believe that Optometry isn't just about glasses and contact lenses. We use advanced technology to perform comprehensive eye exams for our patients. Optometry is about eye care, and that all starts with a great eye exam.”

Tim testing a client’s eyes with Opto/Clarifye.

Equipment shown is available in selected stores.

“Basic vision correction from a routine eye exam can change lives. The patient could be a truck driver that needs a vision correction to maintain their livelihood, or a child who may not even know when they can’t see properly. If they come in for an eye exam, a simple vision correction can have an impact on their profession or education.”

Tim testing a client’s eyes with Opto/Clarifye.

“Optometry is all about eye care and that starts with a great eye exam.”

Equipment shown is available in selected stores.

“I saw a nurse for a regular eye exam who didn't have any symptoms. We diagnosed an underlying condition in her eyes that may have resulted in serious vision and health consequences if not discovered earlier. We managed to refer her to a specialist and have the problem treated. Early intervention is critical, and this case really illustrates the value of regular eye exams.”

Great Eye Care
Starts with Kahla

Let’s Talk Technology

I’m Kahla, Managing Optometrist for OPSM in Melbourne. I’ve been an Optometrist for 6 years and love my job, particularly working with advanced technology to get the best solution for our customers.

“Growing up, I didn't know what I wanted to do. One day I went to the Optometrist for an eye test, and it was like a light bulb went off. I suddenly realised Optometry was everything I wanted. I didn’t want to be in an office doing research, I wanted to be actually dealing with people and helping to change their lives.”

Kahla using Clarifye.

Equipment shown is available in selected stores.

“One time I had a lady come in for a regular eye test. We used the Clarifye machine and found something irregular with her eyes. Even though she had no symptoms, we detected early signs of a potentially serious eye disorder. This is something we may have missed without access to the latest technology. It really showed the power of having advanced eye test technology.”

Kahla using Optos with client.

“Our advanced technology helps us find the best solution for our patients.”

Equipment shown is available in selected stores.

“As Optometrists, we are lucky to have the machines that we do at OPSM. Whether it’s more routine vision correction, or rarer cases of diagnosing ocular conditions, seeing the reaction on patient’s faces when we solve it is amazing.”

Great Eye Care
Starts with Kat

Let’s Talk Ultra-Wide Digital Retinal Scans

I’m Kat, Optometrist for OPSM in Queensland. I’ve been an Optometrist for 7 years, but really I knew I wanted to be one ever since I was in primary school when I first saw my sister have an eye exam. Since starting my career I’ve developed a particular interest in the technology that we get to use as Optometrists.

“A few times a year we will have a surprise case where a patient will come in for something routine but we will detect an ocular condition through the eye exam. In those instances advanced machines like the Ultra Wide Digital Retinal Scan can make a huge difference.”

Kat using UWDS machine

Equipment shown is available in selected stores.

“For example, we had a patient visit the store to get his glasses adjusted. I suggested for him to have a look at a new set of glasses, given that his were due for an update. We ended up booking him in for an eye test as he hadn’t done one in over five years. During the eye test, we discovered potential symptoms of a serious eye issue in the back of the eye. Had we not used the Ultra Wide Digital Retinal Scan, I might not have picked up these symptoms.

Kat using Optos machine

“We have access to technology that helps with early detection of eye health issues.”

Equipment shown is available in selected stores.

“The machine can also see the back of your eye and help us monitor and detect serious eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. We’re very lucky to have access to the technology that we do at OPSM”.

Great Eye Care
Starts with Arvin

Let’s Talk Eye Conditions

I'm Arvin, Optometrist for OPSM in a small town in New Zealand. I’ve been an Optometrist for a six months since leaving University and am loving it so far, particularly helping diagnose and treat eye conditions.

“I always wanted to be in healthcare. I've been going to the Optometrist since I was a child, and wanted a job that had an impact on people, so I decided to become one myself.”

Arvin testing a client’s eyes with Opto/Clarifye.

Equipment shown is available in selected stores.

“Unfortunately, diabetes is an issue in my hometown in New Zealand. Sometimes patients will come in because of blurred vision, which can be an indication of diabetes. This is why regular eye tests are very important, we can see more than people think.”

Arvin testing a client’s eyes with Opto/Clarifye.

“My passion is detecting and treating ocular conditions to help improve my patients’ lives.”

Equipment shown is available in selected stores.

“When I volunteered with OPSM’s charity partner OneSight, I saw four patients in a row that had symptoms of diabetes. I referred them to a specialist, who diagnosed them with diabetes and they were able to receive treatment for it. Every time they’ve been so grateful for their experience.”

Great Eye Care
Starts with Eden

Let’s Talk Lenses

I’m Eden, Optometrist for OPSM in Perth. I’ve been an Optometrist for 12 years, but have been interested in Optometry since I was very young, so I’ve been thinking about eyes pretty much my whole life.

“I’ve been interested in optometry since I was young. I was short sighted myself and I was always fascinated with what was happening to my eyes. I wanted to know the science behind why I was short sighted. I had a fascination about what we can do as an Optometrist and how we can make an impact in people's lives.”

Eden showing a client some lenses in his office.

“Giving someone a pair of glasses can make a huge impact on their life, it's very rewarding even when it’s just a basic vision correction. OPSM has a huge range of lenses that are designed to suit different lifestyles and improve your day to day life”

Eden using a machine like Accufit.

“Getting the right lens for your lifestyle can be life changing.”

Equipment shown is available in selected stores.

“I’m particularly passionate about Myopia Management in children. There's special contact lenses we can provide to kids that may slow the rate of Myopia and a number of my patients see me periodically for this type of care.”

Great Eye Care
Starts with Jacquie

Let’s Talk Lifestyle

I'm Jacquie, Frame & Lens Expert at OPSM. I’ve been working in eyewear retailing for 13 years now. Prior to OPSM I was working for a sunglasses retailer, which I loved. But after a while there I decided I wanted more of a challenge and also wanted to help change people’s lives. So I decided to move into optical retailing, began working at OPSM and haven’t looked back since.

“Customer service is my thing. I’m very passionate about it. And OPSM is a premium, trusted brand, so I believe when someone comes in they deserve the absolute best customer service.”

Jacquie explaining lenses to a client.

“My approach to giving a high standard of service is based on asking my customers questions about their lifestyle. I ask them what they do for work, how often they wear their glasses, if they have kids and more. It's important to know what they do because it can determine their frame and lens choice.”

Jacquie and Tim explaining eye care to a client in front of shop..

“We start by asking questions about your lifestyle to find the perfect frame and lenses for you.”

“Explaining how different products could suit their lifestyle is also super important. There’s digital lenses, standard lenses, blue light lenses and all kinds of frames. I've had multiple people genuinely say to me “Thank you so much. Where I previously went, none of this was explained!’ That's another thing I love, when people genuinely appreciate that they’ve been given a good experience.”


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