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We would like to inform you that contacts2go.co.nz ceased operations on 2 December 2021, however, you will be able to find your favourite lenses and all else that you need for your eye health needs at our related company, OPSM NZ.

Please rest assured that all pending orders that have been placed through Contacts2go will be fulfilled within the standard delivery time-frame. If you have any questions, please contact OPSM NZ Customer Care on: customercare@opsm.co.nz 0800 444 539

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Your Eye Health is Our Number One Priority.

When the Optical Prescription Spectacle Makers store opened in Macquarie Street, Sydney in 1932, the vision was to help everyday lives by improving people’s sight, along with all the services we’ve developed over 80 years as OPSM. Our exciting change is a great opportunity to remind you that your eye health is our number one priority. At OPSM we deliver you world class eye care and eye wear. We will continue to invest in cutting edge technology and world class brands so whenever you walk in our store or shop online you know your eyes are loved.

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With a subscription value plan.

The OPSM Subscription Value Plan is a way for you to get better value, hassle-free contact lens refills automatically delivered when you need them next, until your prescription expires. *T&Cs apply.