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Clarifye is our most advanced digital eye exam ever. The Clarifye eye test incorporates two advanced pieces of technology, a 7 in 1 eye health screening assessment and a high precision eye test measurement of 0.01D*. These digital tools work in tandem to achieve precise patient measurements*, so we can understand your eye health better and personalise your vision correction solution.

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Our most advanced digital eye test.

Your Clarifye prescription, coupled with our premium lens designs Varilux, EyeZen, and ClearEdge, will act as a more precise* starting point for making your glasses. Your prescription will be personalised further with our digital measuring tool, Accufit, to ensure lenses are fitted to your unique measurements and frames.

Our Clarifye eye test will look and feel different to what you’ve experienced in the past. All adjustments are computed continuously and automatically with a more streamlined approach to arrive efficiently at your latest prescription.

*All glasses are manufactured using an industry standard tolerance range. This tolerance range is greater than 0.01D. It has not yet been proven that your glasses manufactured using the 0.01D Clarifye prescription will be more precise or help you see better than glasses using the 0.25D traditional prescription.

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Understand your eyes in great Detail.

Clarifye starts with a comprehensive eye health screening that takes just 2 minutes. It measures your vision performance, night vision, light sensitivity, suitability for contact lenses and pinpoints small changes to your eye health over time. This allows us to understand your eyes and needs in greater detail than ever before.

See a side-by- side simulation of your vision, allowing you to compare corrected vision with your un-corrected vision.

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A complete journey that is built around you.

Easy to understand visual demonstrations empower you to make informed decisions on your vision care so we can personalise a vision solution that suits your unique needs. At OPSM we are Life. Focused. We truly seek to understand the life behind the eyes of our customers, so we can help you see better and live your life to the fullest.

Highly automated and information rich, you will enjoy a quicker, more comfortable experience allowing for a thorough conversation with your optometrist.

Clarifye is available
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Store Name Phone
Botany Downs (09) 271 0361
Invercargill (03) 218 8561
Lambton Quay (04) 471 0310
Merivale (03) 355 6410
Remuera (09) 520 3155
Riccarton (03) 341 3125
Sylvia Park (09) 974 0044

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