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Free your face

Modern contact lenses are so simple and convenient it’s easy to take them for granted. But millions of lives are transformed every day by the freedom and flexibility they offer. You can wear contacts most of the time, with sunglasses, or simply when you prefer to leave your glasses at home.

Why contact lenses?

Contact lenses are great for active lifestyles, for everyone from kids as young as six to people in their 90s. Many wearers choose to use them almost all the time. Contact lenses cater for a range of prescriptions, so you are not limited to only wearing prescription glasses – they can help you see just as well and, for some people, even better.

We’re happy to help you make the best decision based on your lifestyle, budget and any other factors, so drop into your local OPSM store and we’ll assist you in finding the right solution. You can also shop our wide range of contact lenses online.

Recent advances have made contact lenses more comfortable, more affordable, and more effective than ever.

Come in for a free contact lens trial*

We want to make sure you’re seeing as well as you possibly can, are comfortable, and that you’ve made the right choices for your lifestyle. At OPSM we offer a free contact lens trial, we’ll fit your eyes with a pair of contact lenses so you can experience wearing them first hand and look closely to see how the contacts are interacting with your eye. If you find they are comfortable, you can then have a contact lens consultation to see if your prescription is suitable for wearing contact lenses

Your comfort

Many contact lenses are more comfortable to wear than ever. Technically, they don’t even touch your eyes; contact lenses float on a layer of tears that cover the cornea. With each blink, a fresh supply of oxygen-laden tears washes behind the lens to bathe and nourish your cornea. If your eyes start to feel dry, use some comfort drops to re-nourish your eyes and keep the contacts working the best they can for your vision.

You can find out how to insert your contact lenses and look after them on our taking care of your lenses page.

How do I choose?

We can guide you in the best direction for your specific needs, with the world’s leading contact lens manufacturers including Johnson & Johnson, Alcon, CooperVision and Bausch & Lomb which supply well known contact lens brands: OPSM Premium lenses, Acuvue, Dailies, MyDay and Ultra.

Choose between soft and hard lenses and daily disposable, fortnightly, monthly or extended wear. Better still, contact lenses can now cost you less than a cup of coffee per wear, per day.

Terms and conditions
  1. Bring your current glasses along to your trial appointment. Your optometrist will then determine the suitability of contact lenses for your eyes.
  2. During the trial, your optometrist will fit your eyes with a pair of contact lenses, let you experience wearing them whilst in the store and then remove them for you.
  3. Subject to patient suitability and prescription availability.
  4. Includes a contact lens assessment and corneal eye health check, not a complete eye examination.
  5. Prescription sourced from glasses or other appropriate means.
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