Inspired by her grandfather, Jess launched her own company that recognises the crucial role
of bees in agriculture. With a passion for beekeeping, each year's yield of honey reflects nature's diversity,
telling the story of the land and the importance of working with nature.

Chase beauty in the small things

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Jess Curtis Beekeeper

“My focus is to work with the land. I'm planting various bee-friendly plants to ensure
the bees have abundant pollen and nectar sources to choose from. When summer comes,
they'll be strong and ready to pollinate our pastures and bring in the best honey.”

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Everyday Excellence

Hunter Valley, Australia Winemaker

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Cardrona Valley, New Zealand Beekeeper

Jess Curtis

Truly committed to his passion from an early age, Chey founded Def Skateboards to elevate skateboard quality and nurture local youth, embodying New Zealand’s vibrant art scene.