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Eyes at Work Lenses

Eye strain and screens

Nowadays, whatever your age or lifestyle we are spending more and more time on screens, whether this is at home on the TV or at work on your computer we are exposed to these screens multiple times per day. Prolonged usage of screens can lead to eye strain which can cause loss of concentration, dry eyes, headaches, back pain and blurred vision.

OPSM has developed a great range of lenses as a solution to preventing these pesky symptoms that all screen users are susceptible to. They include the Eyezen® Boost lens, Office All Rounder Lens and Varilux® Digitime.

If you’re experiencing visual discomfort from screen exposure, book an eye test today and find out more about these great lenses.

Eyezen® Boost

These lenses are single vision lenses which are optimised to relieve visual fatigue symptoms such as headaches, eye strain and blurred vision which may result from extended use of digital devices.

Features worth knowing
  • A slight power variation (+0.6D) to help relieve eye strain and provide more comfort even after several hours periods looking at a fixed distance
  • The eye can move and read effortlessly from the screen to the keyboard to the desk

Office all rounder

This lens is designed specifically for computer users in an office environment to give them a large computer vision zone, allowing the user to comfortably work for extended periods of time. This combined with the far vision element assists with all round office use where the user is not only requiring lenses at their desk.

Features and benefits
  • Allows you to be mobile around the office without experiencing visual discomfort. Ideal for people who traditionally require
  • Optimised digital surfacing to help give clear and accurate vision on every point of the lens
  • Fields of vision are wider and offer natural head posture for a better visual and physical comfort on screen than a standard progressive
  • Specifically developed for screen usage but offers the wearer the ability to walk around the office with far vision for complete indoor use (meetings / presentations)

Extended focus reader Varilux® Digitime

Varilux® Digitime caters for specific near and intermediate activities, such as office work, sewing, reading, cooking, or precision tasks and more. Ergonomically designed for digital device usage from desktop to smartphone, the lens is personalised to the wearer based on their working distance.

Features and benefits
  • Ideal for glasses wearers who experience difficulty focusing on close objects.
  • Provides more comfortable computer distance and reading vision with a natural working posture
  • Increase range of clear vision from reading distance to up to 2m away
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