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Glasses For Kids

Their future looks good

Our kids explore new and exciting things all day long and we don't want them to miss a thing. All kids with vision problems deserve hardwearing glasses that are light, comfortable and help them see and be their very best. We provide kids glasses that look good, maximise their ability to see and are strong enough to cope with active young owners.

See that they have the right eye test

If you have any worries or concerns about your child’s eyesight, don’t hesitate to book an eye test. At OPSM we use a variety of eye testing techniques for kids of all ages, and our friendly optometrists are particularly sensitive to the needs of young children. We’ll do all we can to make sure your child is seeing the world as clearly as everyone else in the playground. Our top priority is providing your child with the right lens and the best UV protection. OPSM optometrists are experienced in giving eye tests for children and our optometrists have been carrying out kids eye tests for years.

When you care as much about young eyes as we do, there’s no room for compromise.

Tough and good looking

Kids can be rough on their glasses, so we recommend polycarbonate lenses for their superior impact resistance. Frames have to be strong and flexible too, and aren’t much use if they fall off as soon as a kid jumps on a trampoline. We’ll help you choose a style from the wide range we carry, that looks good and matches your child’s face shape.

Our range of kids frames are made in the latest styles using the most advanced materials, from hypoallergenic and flexible memory metals, to the latest styles of acetate. Once your child’s prescription lenses are added, our expert fitters will make all the adjustments necessary to ensure perfect fit and comfort.

Better still, when you buy your kids glasses from OPSM, you’ll benefit from our free lifetime cleaning and adjustments service.